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The Sonic The Hedgehog LJ Community

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Sonic the Hedgehog LJ Community
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Welcome to the SonicStuff Community!

This is a place to come and discuss all manner of things involving everybody's favourite blue hedgehog! Be it the latest news, one of his many games, a funny comic or story, or even music and videos, it's all welcome here!

In general, this community is pretty lightly moderated. Our members are the sorts who don't need a heavy hand.

There are, however, still rules that need to be followed.

  • Completely pointless, inflammatory or stupid posts are not allowed. Opening discussions is acceptable and encouraged, but posts consisting of 'OMG, SONIC/SHADOW/ROUGE/EGGMAN SUX!!1!' will be immediately removed. Attempting to disguise a post that is just as stupid behind fancy words will not work either. It will still be removed if all it is is pointless.

  • Absolutely NO flaming! Getting into a lively discussion is one thing, but attacking other people or their opinions in a derogatory manner is not allowed.

  • Nothing above a PG-13 rating. This community is meant to be very much kid-friendly! This includes both content and language. If it is inappropriate, it will be removed.

  • Character/game/series bashing will not be tolerated. Opening a discussion about any of these things is more than welcome, but doing so simply to rant and rave about it without any real basis for it will be removed.

  • Fanfiction/fanart/sprite comics/edits are welcome, so long as they are placed behind an LJ-cut to save members Friends lists from long posts or for those with slower internet connections.

  • Long posts or posts containing large or numerous images must be placed behind an LJ-cut. If you do not know how to do this, please click here and read the FAQ on how to do so.

  • The moderator reserves the right to remove anyone or anything deemed improper. Even if it means you'll think she's a big meanie.

Should you find something offensive posted on the community that has not yet been addressed by the moderator, please leave a comment on this entry. The comment will be emailed to carriepika who will respond as soon as she receives it.

Most importantly though, have fun! This community is meant to be enjoyable, so please do so! So long as it's within the rules (which really, aren't strict) have a ball!

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